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Mary Anderson
Mary Anderson,

Location: Brea

Does your life feel more effortful or stressful than you want it to?  Do you struggle with overeating?  Are you coping with the impact of a chronic or challenging medical condition?  Are you interested in learning strategies to better manage your mood, stress, and overall well-being?  If so, we can address any or all of these issues and more together.

I specialize in health psychology/behavioral medicine and often assist clients who are coping with the stress of living with significant illness or chronic health issues, such as: obesity, overeating issues, preparation for bariatric surgery, diabetes, chronic pain, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, respiratory issues, cardiac issues, autoimmune diseases, cancer, and degenerative medical conditions.  I also help clients who are coping with depression, anxiety, career-related stress or burnout, relationship issues, caregiver stress, and adjustment to significant life changes.

I enjoy working with adult clients of all ages and backgrounds and utilize a cognitive-behavioral approach to aid with improved mood management, stress management, weight management, and health promotion.  I use a warm, empathic, collaborative, problem-solving style to create a supportive therapeutic environment and help clients optimize their overall quality of life. 

I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Florida and completed my internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the VA Boston Healthcare System, with appointments at Harvard Medical School and Boston University of Medicine.  I previously worked at a private group practice in Boston, Massachusetts prior to moving to California.  Helping others and empowering clients to overcome life challenges is my passion.