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Do I really need therapy?

In our experience, even people who have good social support and strong coping skills can be overwhelmed when the circumstances of their lives shift suddenly. New stresses, such as an illness for yourself or a loved one, multiple losses, or a series of difficult changes, can all erode coping skills...

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Specialties We Provide

  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
  • Couples Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Parenting Support
  • Eating Disorders
  • And Many More...

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Meet our Team

We are a group of dedicated and professional clinicians with years of experience and knowledge who are able to provide the care you need.

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Welcome to New Day Psychotherapy Group, a premiere multi-specialty group mental health practice of independent practitioners in Cypress, Pasadena and Brea. I am proud to be able to introduce you to some of the finest, most effective therapists in Southern California, so please read more about them and schedule an appointment to start feeling and experiencing your world in a whole new way.
We believe that making the decision to start therapy is an important one that stems from your hope for a better tomorrow. Our philosophy is to help each individual and family maximize their strengths in a non-judgmental, relaxed, compassionate, and safe environment.
We are glad that you are here and look forward to being able to assist you.